My name is Matthew, founder of Budget Construction Company. A husband, a father, and family oriented man.

I was born and grew up in a wooden house, which was located in very beautiful area surrounded by another 300 houses, with just a small garden distance to each other. Almost all those 300 families knew each other.

My father was a professional carpenter, so I and my older brother we grew up in a wooden house by a carpenter father.

When one of our neighbors needed a repair or renovation job, my father was the closest and the first choice! And I loved to go with him to help. In the process of time, smell of glue, paint and woods, changed my life! and I became the right hand of my father. And after a while it became more than a father-help for me, and I started learning this profession seriously. Soon, I could do almost whatever my father could do.

After this brief, I want to tell you, why now, for me “Client Satisfaction” is not just a motto, and why it has meaning for me?

When my father was doing a work for one of our neighbors, he had to do his best, because that job was for a known person (or sometimes relatives). It was very bad for his reputation if one of our neighbors or relative say something not good about a work done by my father.

So, automatically, Client Satisfaction became a culture for me.

Now, after many years experiences, my father gone but the lesson I learned from him, didn’t. I still look at all my clients as Neighbors and Relatives! And in fact, we are, all we are living in same country, same city and same area. Life is short and world is small. If I do something bad for you, we will see each other again, soon or later. Maybe you do a job that I’ll need it one day too. That’s why I prefer to do my best to make my neighbor happy, then if one day we see each other again and that time I needed you, I’m sure you will do your best for me too. I look at all my clients as brother, sister, and relative, no matter what your believes or background are, we all are first human, then a Canadian.

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